Fishing In Thredbo... A Great Summer Activity

Fishing in Thredbo's offers a thredbo fishingvariety of well stocked streams and the pristine Lake Thredbo itself is a trout fishermen’s idea of heaven. Catching fishes in the river in Thredbo during the spring and summer in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales offers peace and tranquility in unpolluted waters. You can choose to go catch a fish for game in Thredbo during the winter but only on Lake Thredbo as most of the streams are closed off to fishing to allow the rainbow and brown trout to run up the rivers to spawn from the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June to the first weekend in October. But even before going to Thredbo, get the best accommodation by booking early with the assistance of the Thredbo real estate associates.

Lake Thredbo is New South Wales premier trout fishing area and it is permanently stocked from the local government hatchery on the banks of the Thredbo River. The towns folk who are regular fishers in Thredbo may not want to share their local knowledge with tourists, but the fishing guides and instructors sure will. Lake Thredbo is lucky enough to have several expert guides who may take you to excellent fishing spots and share their angling Thredbo secrets with you; for a price of course!

So if you or your group want to get lungs full of fresh air and the thrill of pulling in a big one, catching large fishes, like trout, in Thredbo with an experienced guide is guaranteed to get you results All anglers in the beautiful Thredbo river or anywhere in New South Wales must always carry an inland fishing licence. These are available from the many bait and tackle shops, service stations and information centres in the area. thredbo fishing

When you are trying to catch fishes or other types of species in Thredbo's rich river, you may also land a rare trout. There are large numbers of rainbow and brown trout that spawn naturally in the mountain streams as but the Brook trout and Atlantic salmon are grown and released from the government hatchery. This is just one of the things the fee from your fishing licence goes toward. The lake allows you to troll virtually anywhere with little fear of snagging. Fishing in Jindabyne is a trollers paradise as it does not have the snags that are found in Eucumbene.

Lake Thredbo is a man made lake constructed for the Snowy Mountain Hydro-electric scheme and the water levels vary considerably. When the levels are low it pays to be careful crossing the lake. But there is always somewhere to go fishing in Jindabyne as the lake is approximately 15km long and 6km at it’s widest. When it is full, it is approximately 130ft at its deepest.

Accommodation and camping facilities for fishing in Thredbo are fantastic as the Thredbo Township sits directly on the Lake. In summer when the streams and rivers are open to fishing, fly fishing is a popular sport that has risen to a refined art form.

Originally imported from England, the brown trout is well established in cold waters. The Brown Trout is cunning and often more difficult to catch as in the warm weather it becomes a bottom feeder. The Rainbow Trout was introduced from North America and if you are fishing in Thredbo you will find them a spectacular fighting fish and a thrill to catch.

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