Trout Fishing in the Lakes and Streams of The Snowy Mountains

Trout Fishing in JindabyneAugust is an interesting month in the Snowy Mountains because it is not only the peak of the Snow Season but it is also the peak of the polaroiding (spotting cruising trout using Polaroid sunglasses) season. August is when the big browns are mostly back into the lake from their spawning run and other trout and salmon are just in the warmer shallows(on sunny days) looking for something to eat. By carefully walking high up on the bank you can often spot the trout either cruising or laying about in the shallows.

By very carefully casting to these fish, carefully so as to not spook them, you can often catch the fish. This method is for the hunters amongst us because you are not going to catch anything by racing down the bank, waving your arms about and throwing large objects into the water with a big splash! If you want to learn more about this method then give us a call and you can book a tour. The art of polaroiding trout is not just for fly anglers, as bait anglers and spin anglers can also catch trout using this method.

Out on the lake the boat fishing has been quite good and I had one very enjoyable day on the lake last week in brilliant sunshine and no wind and even managed to catch trout in between snoozes. While the days are now getting longer winter is still not over yet and I am sure we are still in for more snow and cold weather but with spring just about on us, hopefully we should see some of that snow on the mountains melting and hopefully a rise in the lake water levels.

Over the last month we have seen Lake Jindabyne’s water level drop slightly to about 47% again as Snowy Hydro pump out water to generate electricity. Lake Eucumbene’s water level has risen very slightly to 10.6% and can do with lot’s more rain and snow to improve the level significantly which is a bit of a worry because the Murray Darling System still hasn’t had enough rain yet and there is a serious chance that they will again be relying on Snowy Mountains water to get them through another dry summer. Where still praying for them and hopefully the next couple of months will see them get that badly needed rain.

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